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Top 7 Reasons to Meditate Everyday
by: LJ Malberg
Certified Executive Coach

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Top 7 Reasons to Meditate Everyday


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LJ has served as an invaluable partner as I’ve worked to determine next steps for professional development.

Her extensive experience paired with a constant intellectual curiosity in many facets of business + leadership provides a unique and holistic approach to problem solving and advising clients. As a seasoned listener with a high level of emotional intelligence, she is able to provide depth and clarity for her clients that address the core of who the individual truly is, what they value most and how that correlates to strategic growth - beyond focusing areas of expertise or their position. I highly recommend LJ’s services to any individual - or company - who is ready to explore a self-revealing assessment that better prepares for career growth, professional and personal happiness.

-J. Freed, Head of Partner Marketing & Strategy at Sony, New York, NY

She has challenged me to think, “during the work day, what specific tasks do I find most challenging.

When confronted with those tasks how do I recharge after them”, in my personal life has has asked me to think “What brings me joy”. She has encouraged me to make time for those people and activities. And to not bring my work challenges into them. By reminding myself, “how do I recharge”, “don’t bring the work stress into my joyful activities”, I have found that I can be better focused, less stressed, and more mindful about me and my needs vs the demands of the day to day job.

-T. Ewald, Vice President of Venues at Spotify, Chicago, IL 
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